The University of Morón – Science and Humanities

The University of Morón (UM) is a private Higher Education Institution that has developed its activities since 1960. Throughout these years, it has become a Science and Humanities Center in Latin America and is gaining international renown.

Among its objectives, it is worth mentioning the following ones: to contribute to the protection of national culture, to encourage the creation and development of knowledge in all its forms and to build up the attitudes and values required for the formation of responsible men and women having ethical, reflective, critical consciousness, with a sense of solidarity, and being able to improve life quality, to consolidate the respect for the environment, the Republican Institutions and the democratic precepts in force.

The UM has 10 Academic Units covering a wide range of courses of studies in all disciplines, with a number of 16,000 students and 2,200 professors and researchers. Nowadays it has 25,000 m2 of educational infrastructure, of which 5,000 m2 are intended for laboratories and modern library facilities.

The UM fosters research and knowledge growth by stimulating scientific, professional, humanistic and technical formation of the highest level. Thus, it assigns a key role to scientific research, and for the fulfillment of that mission the UM has highly specialized teams that develop research work in both basic, agricultural, health and engineering sciences and economic, juridical, social, educational and humanistic sciences.